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Enjoy this holiday discount and Happy Halloween!

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Twink Chemisty Sizzles at Twinklight.tv

Posted: 15th October 2010 by Twinklight in Vamp gay movie

When Twinklight was still just a seed of thought in our minds we knew that finding a cast with great chemistry was imperative to its success.

During the creation of the film we spent months making casting decisions.  When friendships bloomed on set and scenes sizzled we knew we had made the right choices!

To see for yourself we just added a Krys Perez and Skyelr Bleu interview to Twinklight.tv.  The stars are laying in bed cuddling when director Afton Nills begins to ask questions.  This is a great example of the intimacy and friendship that developed between the cast.

See this and much more at twinklight.tv.

At Twinklight.tv we all love watching the bonus features of our favorite films; that’s something the whole office can agree on.  For that reason we’ve worked hard to bring you additional footage and behind-the-scenes clips of Twinklight that we think you’ll enjoy!

Jayden Ellis took it on himself to be the unofficial interviewer during filming and he seemed to have a camera with him everywhere he went.  We put together the juiciest and most revealing of his footage and we think you’ll like Twinklight even more once you’ve watched it and gotten to know our cast.

We’ve called it Questions and Answers : Jayden Ellis Interviews his Costars.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together!

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Mesmerizing Erotic Scene Added to Twinklight.tv

Posted: 1st October 2010 by Twinklight in Vamp gay movie

We know that after watching Twinklight you wanted to see even more of our sensual, dramatic saga.  Twinklight.tv is committed to providing you with just that: bloopers, additional episodes and interviews that will make you feel like you’re on-set with the boys!

We’ve just added a mesmerizing extended scene.  Edmund (Krys Perez) is gently stroking the neck of his cello, wielding powerfully sensual music.  His Victim (Preston Andrews) listens in the background, stirred by the erotic pleasure of watching Edmund play. All of the musical foreplay leads to lustful, demanding sex as the two lovers devour each other’s bodies in a night of hot gratification.

Jump into our world of erotica and dark immortality at twinklight.tv.

New Blooper Shows Arising Emotions On-Set

Posted: 24th September 2010 by Twinklight in Vamp gay movie

Twinklight is the perfect combination of vampire, blood, sex and romance.  The additional episodes and behind-the-scenes out-takes on twinklight.tv only show more amazing storyline and hot twink actors.

The latest blooper: “Blooper #05 : Romantic Sex Scene Gets Gigglesillustrates the emotions that can arise from working such long, hard hours on a film as dramatic and intense as Twinklight.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know our talented stars!

If you liked the opening scene of Twinklight with Billa (Skyelr Bleu) and his ex-boyfriend (Darin) you’ll love the extended version added to twinklight.tv. I’m thrilled to see more of Billa’s ex with his strong, toned body, and of course happy to see Billa who’s as cute as ever! Some amazing footage of their sexy cum faces was saved exclusively for the website so check it out.

Twinklight.tv now Online !!!

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Yes you heard me, you can now watch Twinklight the movie online in HD at Twinklight.tv !!!

Twinklight is the only gay porn movie of its kind in the world. Its production values and quality are unsurpassed!

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Twinklight DVD Released today!

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Twinklight DVD is out now on the GayLifeNetwork store !!! check out :


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More info:


Directed by: Afton Nills
Year of Production: 2010
Scenes: 8
Models: 11
Bonus Material: Yes
Running Time: 105 minutes

In this highly anticipated feature film Billa plays an innocent twink searching for a new beginning. What he finds is the dark and dangerous world of vampires; an erotic and cryptic society filled with fucking and blood sucking. Billa spirals deeper into the underworld as he falls for the forbidden but irresistible Edmund, a strong and powerful vampire.

Twinklight is a dramatic and graphic expose on the secrets, horrors and sexual fantasies of vampires. Watch as these young and deadly monsters take whatever pleasures they desire, reveling in a world of unrestrained gratification and hardcore twink fucking.

It is a hot and exhilarating journey that will leave you emotionally moved and wildly aroused.

Watch for more feature films from the new vampire saga Twinklight!

Bonus Material:
Extensive bonus features include hilarious set bloopers, extended scenes with hardcore action and a sexy photo slideshow. Also don’t miss the revealing actor interviews filled with gossip about what went on between the gorgeous cast of Twinklight!


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Website and new design is being done for twinklightthemovie.com, should be hot !!!

Also, extended scenes, behind the scene, interviews and making of the movie will be shown at www.twinklightthemovie.com

Stay tuned!!

Twinklight Wallpaper Available !

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Check out Twinklightthemovie.com for a nice Twinklight wallpaper!

twinklight wallpaper

twinklight wallpaper