Wont You Come In?

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Even vampires need a quick fix now and then. Kain Lanning in his first role as a vampire, meets up with Adrian Layton in hopes of fulfilling his hunger for blood.

Learning that his newly found hook up is into biting, Kain gladly fulfills Adrian’s fetish.

After sucking, fucking and blowing his load, he gives Adrian a little love bite, so to speak.

There’s no shortage of thin, trim, and pale little boys to be seduced by vampires around these parts. A young man finds himself in a dark and scary place and is entirely unsure about his whereabouts. A domineering and creepy man, a vampire, guides him in this dark sexual rendezvous. Jason Alcok and Jae Landen are stars in this one.

In about next to no time, the character of Jae Landen takes control of the scene. He manipulates Jason Alcok well enough to reduce him into submission mode.

Coupled with the mighty powers of seduction a vampire may have, Jason had no choice but to surrender his entire body to the pleasures of his master.

The two twinks performed an amazing scene. The sex was energetic and the orgasms were stunning!

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Edmund stands in the shadows as Josh works at his desk. The two of them talk and Edmund smolders with desire. He’s hungry and needs to feed, but it’s not blood that this vampire seeks. Instead it’s the pleasure of his cock in a tight twink asshole. When they shift to the bedroom they engage in arousing oral sex and both prove their mouth mettle. The hardcore Twinklight sex comes next and Edmund uses that cock like a spear as he opens the tight asshole and plunges deep inside.

Being under the spell of a charming and intense vampire is like being madly in love with your soul mate. Notice how this beautiful young twink seems like he could devote his entire body to pleasure Edmund’s every whim.

Edmund has a particular taste for young pale twink firm and perky bottom! It’s a perfect place to start foreplaying before unleashing the madness of his mighty cock inside his victim’s tight twinkie orifice!

Vampires are known to be authoritative beings. As you can see for yourself, Edmund loves being in charge and to administrate pain on his catamite. Submission is key!

This is one of our bloodiest scenes as of yet. All three men involved – Kyle Richerds, Elijah White, and Kain Lanning – are vampires by the end of it. They feed off each other with blood and with sexual pleasure. After a feeding frenzy they screw like animals with blood still dripping from their faces.

The tensions between a victim and the aggressor can  escalate quickly! Especially when life hang in the balance. Elijah White comes with great knowledge and cages his blood victim before draining them.

But as you can tell, with this special case Elijah (the vampire ) was quite pleased with the potential of his victims.

He coerced them into the world of shadows, becoming eternal with him and venturing deeper into this dark world.

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Three outstanding porn actors playing out a threesome. Two lust driven vampires seduces and coerce a young pale twink into surrendering his body…and soul!

Tyler Bolt is our beautiful bottom victim.

Alex Todd and Jonathan Cole are impersonating our cock hungry Vampires.

This is a perfect example where the weak and vulnerable gets manipulated and exploited.  Tyler Bolt is six mile from home, waiting for a bus in a shady place.

It’s a matter of second before the power of persuasions land on Tyler’s mind.

Our Vampires at Twinklight are no brutes. They are sophisticated beings who knows how to use subtlety.

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The first appearance of the word Vampire in the English literature date back as far as 1734.

The very first stories or folkloric superstitions about our legendary vampire caused mass hysteria in some Balkan village. In some cases the stories lead villagers to burn already buried corpses.

Many books were written on the subject but the establishing archetype of the vampire as a charismatic and sophisticated being was written by John Polidori in 1819.

It is said to be THE most influential work that brought us the Vampire we know today.

Citizens who beleived their city were afflicted by the presence of Vampires raided grave yards to neutralize them.

One method of finding a vampire’s involved leading a virgin boy through a graveyard or church grounds on a virgin stallion. The horse would supposedly balk at the grave in question. Holes appearing in the earth over a grave were taken as a sign of vampirism.

Our fantastic twinks at Twinklight are writing a part of the history of Vampires.

We hope that you enjoy the fantasy as much as we do!

Our latest update on Twinklight is a scene with Brice Carson and Krys Perez. We exploited a theme that many of us sometimes experience at night in big or small cities.

Is the person following you as you walk down your street at night a villain? You always feel a bit more cautious because you never really know for sure who is behind you.

And yes this is a situation that will often generate paranoia.

Given the true intention of our villain in this scene we all know where this will end up. But in this case, the followed ( Brice ) ended up being deeply seduced by the thought of holding a Vampire between his legs.

And whether or not you pleased a vampire in bed, we all know the victim ends up completely drained of that precious blood.

In the end, yes, Brice got to live his fantasy of sleeping with a mysterious super natural being but at what cost?

Some of us are willing to go way beyond just to feel what it is to bed an eternal beast!

Vampires are mythological and folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures. They are known to be excessively lustful to one another. This new extended scene of Twinklight is a perfect exemple of the extent of their behavior as they need to quench the sexual thirst burning within their soul.

The victim is chained by the throat and taking orders from his vampire master. But it’s obvious that this victim enjoys his work from the way he enthusiastically gets on his knees and puts the vampire’s cock down his throat. It’s a fantastic blowjob scene with even more detail in this great extended version.

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Interview with Rad Matthews

(click on the picture to listen)

Rad Matthews (Vampire 3) is easily one of the most charismatic and handsome stars of Twinklight. He did exceptionally well during filming and it’s no doubt due to his background in musical theater. In this interview he touches on those experiences as well as some more personal thoughts, fantasies, turn-ons and sexual preferences.

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A Night on the Set

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A Night on the Set

Krys Perez (Edmund), JT Wreck (Bailey) and Skyelr Bleu (Billa) work hard to get the dramatic bar scene finished. Watch all of the small details that go into the process of shooting a scene.

It’s a team effort as everyone from the director to the cameraman, and of course the actors, pitch in to get this beautiful shot finished.

As you might understand the actors on the set of Twinklight comes from a background of porn. It’s a whole new challenge for guys who’s skill set revolved around the ability to perform in bed.

A Night on the Set video will let you see Twinklight actors trying to understand every inch of their roles through rehearsals. I think it’s a very unique place to be, in a feature film exploring the romances between Vampires.

I am convinced it was a revelation to some of them, learning the ropes behind filming this adventure.

Check out our Behind the Scene section in the members area of Twinklight.tv and look for “a Night on the Set” video!